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18 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Infrared Sauna

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17 Nov 2021

Infrared Sauna has been used around the world for centuries and their use is spreading with the rising popularity of infrared saunas and health centres.

1. Saunas Improve Heart Health
2. Saunas Decrease Blood Pressure
3. Heat Exposure Increases Growth Hormone Release
4. Saunas Improve Heat Tolerance
5. Saunas Help With Detoxification
6. Sauna Decreases Time For Injury Recovery
7. Heat Exposure From Sauna Increases Endurance Performance
8. Sauna Sessions Help Increase Hypertrophy (Muscle Size)
9. Saunas Improve Insulin Sensitivity
10. Saunas Help With Fat Loss
11. Saunas Can Help You Sleep
12. Regular Sauna Use Reduces Stress Levels
13. Sauna Sessions Can Boost Immune Function
14. Saunas Help Reduce Pain
15. Saunas for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers
16. Saunas Help With Learning and New Brain Cells
17. Sauna Sessions Make You Feel Good
18. Regular Sauna Sessions Increase Lifespan

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