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Our Concept

At Blizz, our Amazing weight-Inch-Fat loss system is based on certain passive therapies in which there is no invasion, no medicines, no supplements, no side effects, no exercise and no crash diet is involved. All the therapies are done by qualified therapist with help of machines producing Far Infrared rays that are safe for the humans and there are many research papers available and even US-FDA also approves the use of Far Infrared rays for therapies.

Our goal at Blizz Bio Sculpting is to help our clients to achieve their highest potential in terms of health-shape-size. The main function of this concept is to metabolize the excess fat in the body and result of which a person burns extra 1000-1500 Kcal nearly every day.

Along with these therapies lymphatic and cellulite body massages are also part of therapy that helps to metabolize dead cellulites and improve the elasticity of skin and ease water retention.

The qualified Dietician guides the clients to follow a certain food pattern that is very healthy and convenient to them, educates them about proteins, vitamins, fiber, saturated andunsaturated fat, along with the quantity to be consumed per day. They also educate clients about negative effects of starvation on their body and how it results in weight gain.

Psychologist here plays a significant role in their transformation by counseling them in regular intervals to change their beliefs system from I CAN’T to I CAN.

These therapies and regular diet counseling helps them to lose up to 6 kg*(according to their BMI) In a month. Not only weight but also other parameters like Visceral fat, Trunk Subcutaneous fat, BMI, Blood sugar, Body Fat and measurements of body also shows significant change and which Body scanners monitor and also log sheets are maintained.

Once the client achieves significant weight loss then further we focus more on inch loses and clearing the sagged skin by our advance body shaping therapy with our other machines which are ultrasound, RF and cavitation based, which completely transforms the client.The transformation time vary from person to person according to their medical conditions, but transformation is sure.

Many times people lose their weight themselves but are not able to get rid of lose skin or sagged skin. We have designed some special therapies and combinations for body shaping and figure correction and get the desired results within short period.

After completion of their program, further we compel all our clients to visit our centers on every Wednesday and we call it ‘Golden Wednesday’ where all past client come and we check their weight and all other parameters to make sure about sustaining the results and if there are some negative changes then consult them to take few steps and get back to original what they have achieved.

Above all, we always give FREE trails session for 1-2 days to every enquiry, so that they have a physical feel and could take a right decision without any influence of advertisement or claims.

The best part is that, this therapy can be taken by people of all ages, gender with multiple diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Hernia, PCOD, Body Pain etc.Many medical doctors are recommending and they are also enjoying for this concept.


  • We are supplying our far infrared units to Govt. Hospitals of Ayurveda.
  • Weare supplying our units to many private hospitals like Asian Institute of Medical Science Faridabad.
  • Replicated our concept at Swami Narayan Hospital in Surat.
  • Have many corporate clients Adani, Fogg Perfumes, Ganesh Housing, La renon etc.
  • Transformed thousands of people at our wellness clinic in terms of Health, Fitness and Quality of Life.
  • Reduced medicine of many people with help of this therapy.
  • All our units are ISO and CE-Certified.