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Non-Surgical liposuction

Blizz Non-Surgical liposuction - Melt your fat with non-surgical liposuction!! 
Amazing But True!!

  • Intensive physical biolysis to remove fat.
  • Excess fat cells are melted, resulting in a decreased body circumference.
  • Body slimming, body contouring, and body shaping
  • Cellulite reduction, massaging
  • Skin tightening, eyelid area treatment
  • Smooth tired skin, remove wrinkles
  • Remove obstructions from channels and collaterals
  • Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism

Principle: The 940nm infrared laser reduces skin impedances by heating the skin, and RF energy penetrate deeply into connective tissue. The synergistic combination of the infrared laser and conducted Bipolar RF energies increases the oxygen diffusion between cells by heating the skin with a vacuum and specially designed rollers that manipulate lead RF penetration to an even 5 to 15mm. Simultaneously, mechanical cavitation and rollers manipulates with nips and stretching of the fibrillary connective tissue, effectively breaking down the subcutaneous fat as well as extruded capillary vessels. This system also increases lymphatic drainage, promotes metabolism and reduces the size of the actual fat chamber, significantly improving a body's contouring effect. The technology that vacuum folds the skin uses RF energy to penetrate a specific area of folded skin, which improves both the effects and safety of the machine, making it safe for even the most delicate areas, such as upper eyelid areas.

We use a 40 KHz cavitation to ensure that the air bubbles around fat membranes will break up, stimulated and then metabolized out of the human body via the lymphatic system. This is an excellent system to use for weight loss.