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About Blizz

We are wellness expert in varied field, from dedicated wellness centers to wellness Far-Infrared equipment manufacturing unit since a decade. We are committed to innovation in the field of wellness products and services that empowers you and improve your Quality of Life. Blizz BioSculpting is a modern fast growing wellness company based in Gujarat, India.  Further to meet the need of people we are proving health solutions at home with our Unique designed Far Infrared Detoxcare Units as well as running chain of wellness clinics “Blizz Biosculpting” across globe.

We would like to introduce “Blizz Biosculpting” a Wellness Clinic, which is run by qualified Dieticians, physiotherapists, trained therapists, life coaches & psychologists, whose main goal is to guide the people to achieve their health & fitness goals and become mentally strong to sustain their achievements

Mr. Manish luthra is the founder of this company, who is a known psychologist & life management expert. He understood the pattern of sufferings among the people of all ages especially people who are not fit for exercises and crash diets, designed a unique system to transform people to that extent that their own past looks like someone else past.

Our Concept at Blizz BioSculpting :

At Blizz, our Amazing weight-Inch-Fat loss system is based on certain passive therapies in which there is no invasion, no medicines, no supplements, no side effects, no exercise and no crash diet is involved. All the therapies are done by qualified therapist with help of machines producing Far Infrared rays that are safe for the humans and there are many research papers available and even US-FDA also approves the use of Far Infrared rays for therapies.

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