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Skin Tightening

Many People seek a more youthful appearance. As your skin ages, skin quality is reduced and it becomes less elastic, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Volume loss in the face over time also contributes to the aged appearance. Although a person’s genetic makeup determines much about how their skin ages, other things such as smoking, regular or excessive exposure to the sun, or poor diet accelerate skin aging. Skin tightening is a popular method of reducing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, and for treating laxity or droopiness.

Far Infrared Stimulates the growth of collagen while overcoming the side effect of other existing methods like laser and IPL treatment, which don't have enough energy penetrating into body depth with Possible prevention from pigmentation & melanin. So we can acclaim Blizz Bio-sculpt SPECTRAL FIR is a perfect technology for improving dermal collagen. Firstly, the contraction of collagen caused by SPECTRALFIR working on collagen fibrous layer makes the skin tightened, wrinkles of face and body eliminated. Then the heat transmitted into dermal layer Stimulates the rebirth of new Collagen to repair aged and damaged collagen layer.

The Blizz SPECTRAL FIR energy works wonders from inside to outside to enhance blood Circulation & metabolize and eliminate black Circles. And at the same time, fat is dissolved by the energy where the eye pouch is removed. The new growth and reinforcement of Collagen helps in improving the relaxed Skin and removing the wrinkles with excellent skin tightening.