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Body Polishing

What is a body polish at Blizz ?
A body polishing at Blizz is a ‘facial for the body’. This treatment sees the our therapist apply a polishing formula comprising a natural exfoliate - such as salt, sugar, coffee, rice bran or pecan hulls (etc.) - and aromatic essential oils to the guest’s entire body (minus the face and genital area). The aim of this is to remove dull, dead skin cells while promoting the healthy production of new ones, for improved appearance and condition. Body polishingtherapy is a standalone treat, which includes a detoxifying body wrap treatment. Enjoying a tension-busting full body massage after an invigorating body polish is also a delight. 
What health and beauty benefits does a body polish provide at Blizz?
The indulgent pampering experience of a full body polish provides multiple benefits:

  • A carefree mind: Lying down on the treatment table and allowing a qualified esthetician to take care of your skin will provide you with some valuable and rare time to reflect, or simply unwind and forget all of your troubles 
  • A re-energized body: The therapist’s moving hands teamed with the gritty texture of the exfoliating formula will aid blood flow and promote the movement of energy around your body. This sees many men and women feeling physically re-energized as well as mentally calm after their polish treatment 
  • A healthy - and gorgeous - complexion: In addition to stripping your body of dead skin cells, the increased blood flow to your epidermis throughout the treatment will aid the efficient production of new cells and blemish-busting collagen. A body polish will also hydrate your skin, providing a top-to-toe healthy glow and a softer, more youthful complexion 
  • More effective results from topical creams: Dead cells, dirt and oil build up in the epidermis can also prevent topical creams from working as well as they should - a body polish will allow such to be more easily absorbed.