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Body Shape-Up

Total Body Shape-Up

Follow this fat-blasting Blizz Shape-up plan to drop sizes in few weeks!

This will be the year when you shed those extra kgs once and for all! We’ve done all the planning all you have to do is follow the Sessions on this 8-week calendar and watch that extra Fat-Weight-Inches melt away! 

The core of this plan is a 90-minute Total Body Shape-Up sculpting routine that combines spot reduction and Non-surgical liposuction. In a study with far Infrared, non-surgical liposuction, cavitation, rollers & fat lasers, those who did this type of high-calories burning therapies, boosted their calorie burn 22% more than those who did a traditional routine—and kept their metabolism 12% higher for an hour afterward.

We’ll also do Fat-Burning tissue massages along with detoxification, which can burn up to 600-900extra calories per session. 

Program at a glance

The Expert B

Blizz expert who are well versed with body physiology thoroughly will examine the body carefully, take important measurements and will plan out a shape up plan for a week which will include major fat bursting & inch lose sessions along with maintenance sessions and results will noted on weekly basis and further therapies will be designed accordingly.Week by week skin regains its elasticity, cellulites start getting reduced and eventually NEW YOU emerges.