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Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks for women after pregnancy?

Category: Weight Loss , Obesity

12 Jun 2018

Stretch marks are common among women after pregnancy. They might have fine lines mostly in the areas prone to fat accumulation like hips, arms, abdomen, tummy, and thighs. They may prosper due to hormonal adjustments or sudden fat loss in these regions. Nearly three in four women will develop stretch marks on their legs, abdomen, hips, and other areas of the body affected by weight gain during pregnancy.

During the pregnancy time, the skin expands and stretches to its maximum limit, causing tears in the layers of skin. These tears are stretch marks that appear as lustrous, white streaks in the skin. Many of the women who are having stretch marks after the pregnancy will have laser stretch mark removal to obliterate these unnecessary markings. This treatment is designed to give women the renewed, youthful appearance they desire.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

During the laser stretch marks removal procedure, a ray of light eliminates thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The laser is distinctively successful for this procedure. Instead of burning or cutting the affected skin areas like other lasers, it uses high-energy ultraviolet laser light to disrupt the molecular bonds in the skin tissue, which causes the tissue to dissolve in a process. Once laser stretch mark removal is complete, the place where it is treated will heal very quickly, and new layers of skin will be generated. Stretch marks will have disappeared, and a renewed, healthy appearance will result.


The most important benefit of laser stretch mark removal is its effectiveness. The treatment has a very high rate of patient satisfaction. It is also extremely safe; the laser is precisely controlled, with little potential to cause injury. Ultimately, it is less invasive than surgical body sculpting procedures such as tummy tucks, with less recovery time, lower cost, and fewer potential complications.

Develop trust due to the reduced appearance of stretch marks:

  • The only laser treatment which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of stretch marks and scars
  • Comfortable treatment sessions
  • Minimal treatment side effects
  • Laser stretch marks removal treatment from Blizz Bio Sculpting gives you lot of confidence and experience. If you have stretch marks, all you have to do is answer a few questions, take some photos with your smartphone, and you’re done and we will look after the rest.

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