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I am over weight I have risk of Liver Disease?

Category: Obesity

18 Feb 2018

Can obesity cause the same kind of liver damage as alcohol abuse?
It's true - while obesity and alcoholism are two very different health issues, their impact on the liver can be quite similar. Both can cause fatty deposits to build up in the liver - a condition called fatty liver disease. When it occurs in nondrinkers, its called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD. It is now the most common cause of chronic liver disease. If too much fat builds up, or if certain genetic conditions are present, the fatty liver tissue can become inflamed and the liver cells can be damaged or destroyed, it can lead to cirrhosis - permanent scarring of the liver, which destroys the liver's ability to function. 
Blizz Therapy: Reduces pressure from liver 

  • Blizz Far infrared therapies are the great help in reducing excess visceral fat (especially in T2DM), thus there is less fat collection in liver, making it function better, reducing the chances of cirrhosis of liver.
  • Blizz Far-Infrared therapies eliminate lots of toxins through the skin, thus easing the burden on your liver and most of all, on your kidneys.
  • Far Infrared works internally on fats, especially oxidized fats and cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules which act as toxins.

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