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I am over weight I have risk of Joints Pain Osteoarthritis ?

Category: Obesity

29 Jan 2018

Osteoarthritis has a logical link to obesity: The more weight that's on a joint, the more stressed the joint becomes, and the more likely it will wear down and be damaged. "Weight plays an important role in joint stress, so when people are very overweight, it puts stress on their joints, especially their weight-bearing joints, like the knees and the hips". 

Every 450 grams of excess weight exerts about 1.8 kg of extra pressure on the knees. So a person who is 4.5 kg overweight has 18 kg of extra pressure on his knees. 

How Blizz Therapy: Catalyze inner healing of joints 

  • Blizz therapy decreases the increased body weight; the weight bearing joints (knee, hips, lower back) tend to wear out faster.
  • Reduction in weight results in huge pain relief, better mobility, ability to exercise, better bone mass and lesser need for total knee replacement or total hip replacement.
  • The far infrared heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. By reducing soreness on nerve endings, infrared heat reduces muscle spasms and helps the body heal itself naturally.
  • For years, doctors have recommended infrared based treatments because of proven relief from sports injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. 

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